Tailor-Made Tours in Tunisia

tailor-made tours in Tunisia are journeys designed exactly to meet the client’s expectations, allowing them to travel at their own pace and according to their desires!

To ensure your trip reflects you the most, local experts who know every corner of the region well are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made and extraordinary journey. They can even craft a personalized itinerary for you.

Our experts, destination managers, and guides certified by the Tunisian Tourism Office are here to guide, advise, and help you make your Tunisia tour a unique experience. Together with you and based on your criteria, the Tunisia tour will be 100% tailor-made. They will propose a variety of accommodations (guesthouses, hotels, cottages, homestays, tent nights in camps, etc.), private or shared transportation, etc.

Why Choose a Customized Tour in Tunisia?

You define the budget you plan to spend during the stay.
You specify when you will depart and for how long.
You determine the type of desired travel: a honeymoon, an adventure (with family, solo, or in a group), a safari, thrilling activities, etc.
You indicate the level of comfort sought: modest, luxurious, etc.
You define the options: with a rental car, with a driver guide, with or without meals, a hotel with a jacuzzi, etc.
Subsequently, the travel agency will analyze your request and provide you with a list of options that align with your requirements and suit your budget. If you are satisfied with their offers, why wait? If you feel that something is missing or deserves to be added, simply ask for a new quote. It’s free, of course, until you reach the desired formula!

All these tours can be conducted from any city in Tunisia. The itinerary will be tailored based on the starting point.

El Jem

9 Days

Explore the treasures of UNESCO World Heritage on this exceptional tour. Discover historical sites and breathtaking iconic monuments. Immerse yourself in our cultural and historical richness.

Price: Starting from: €950

Camel Trek

7 Days

Immerse yourself in the authentic adventure of the desert during this 7-day camel trek in Tunisia. Traverse the dunes of golden sand, camp under the stars, and discover the magic of the desert. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

Price: Starting from : 550€​​

Sud Express

4 Days

Embark on a quick getaway to southern Tunisia. Explore picturesque oases, traditional Berber villages, and breathtaking desert landscapes. An adventure full of discoveries awaits you

Price: Starting from : 350€​​

Star Wars 3-Day Tour

3 Days

Experience your own Star Wars adventure during this 3-day tour in Tunisia. Visit iconic locations from the film series, explore otherworldly settings, and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Star Wars

Price: Starting from: 300€​​

Trekking in Southern Tunisia

7 Days

Embark on an epic trekking adventure through southern Tunisia. Traverse scenic trails, discover hidden oases, and immerse yourself in authentic Berber culture. An exceptional hiking experience awaits you.

Price: Starting from : 750€​​

The Wonders of the South

8 Days

Discover the wonders of southern Tunisia on this 8-day tour. Explore lush oases, historic cities, and spectacular natural sites. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of this enchanting region.

Price: Starting from : 550€​​

5 Days Star Wars

5 Days

Follow in the footsteps of Star Wars heroes on this 5-day tour in Tunisia. Visit iconic filming locations, discover extraordinary film sets, and immerse yourself in the epic universe of Star Wars.

Price: Starting from : 450€​​

3 Days and 3 Deserts

3 Days

Explore the 3 varied types of deserts in Tunisia (the Chotts, the Reg, and the Erg) at your own pace on this 3-day tour. Traverse three different deserts, discover hidden oases, and experience an unforgettable desert adventure.

Price: Starting from : 350€​​

The Grand Tour of Tunisia

10 Days

Cover the entirety of Tunisia on this grand 10-day tour. Explore historical cities, remarkable archaeological sites, desert landscapes, and lush oases. A comprehensive experience of Tunisia awaits you

Price: Starting from : 850€​​

Tours departing from other cities

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