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Welcome to Depart Travel Services, where we redefine the way you discover Tunisia. Our story, “About Us”, is a story of passion, authenticity and unforgettable adventures. In an ever-changing tourism landscape, where travellers seek authentic experiences and a deeper connection to the destinations they visit, Depart Travel Services was born with a simple but profound mission: redefine your travel experience. Our history is one of passion, discovery and unwavering commitment to highlight the true essence of Tunisia.

Discover the Heart of Tunisia:

Our journey began with the ardent desire to go beyond the surface and plunge into the heart of Tunisia. We wanted to get away from the conventional tourist route and offer something extraordinary. Our Story” revolves around creating immersive experiences that connect you to the vibrant local life, culture and heritage of Tunisia.

At Depart Travel Services, “Our Story” focuses on creating moments that leave lasting memories. We made it our mission to reveal the hidden treasures, share the little-known stories and introduce you to the warm and welcoming inhabitants of Tunisia.

Our mission is clear and unwavering: to offer travelers like you unforgettable experiences that go far beyond expectations. When you choose Depart Travel Services, you are not just embarking on a journey; you are embarking on a transformative adventure guided by “Our Mission”.

Why Choose Depart Travel Services:

We understand that every traveler is unique, just like their desires. That is why “Our Mission” extends far beyond simply organizing trips. We are committed to creating personalized itineraries, carefully crafted to meet your deepest dreams and aspirations, allowing you to experience extraordinary moments at every stage of your journey.

“Our Mission” is also a promise of discovery. Our dedicated team is driven by the passion to connect you to the authentic soul of Tunisia. We open the doors to sincere encounters with the locals, deep dives into the local culture and experiences that will truly make you feel the pulse of this beautiful country. Depart Travel Services is not just a travel agency; it is a creator of memories, and each tour we design is an opportunity for you to experience exceptional moments.

Our team

A seasoned, experienced team, dedicated to its mission and passionate about its profession at the service of its guests.



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