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Contact us when the urge to set out seizes you! Come to us when you dream of seeing the day take flight behind the dunes, when night spreads its carpet of stars over this endless sea of fine sand. Do not hesitate to contact us when multiple emotions gently creep into the refuge of your heart and a secret force calls you to go discover the daily life of people born with sand in their eyes. Come to us when the scent of the crystalline sea closes your nostrils and the desire to swim or ride a jet ski in search of dolphins takes hold of you.

Feel free to reach us when the landscapes of the countryside captivate and fascinate you, and you then decide not to wait any longer.

Wherever you go in this beautiful country, time will no longer have any control over your soul in harmony with every detail.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us when you want to discover a new land and a new sky in the frescoes of a Ksar, where the transparency of a moment enlightens the soul and whispers its most beautiful confessions in the veils of silence, where the sky with its azure blue heals wounds, and where the desert landscape with its power and magnetic strength erases life’s offerings. When the need to contact us gnaws at you, itches you, and you have a crazy urge to write to us to learn more. The love of travel is already in you. So wait no longer! Write to us!


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Opposite Holiday Beach Hotel

Tourist Zone

Houmt Souk Djerba

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(+216) 25 340 201

(+216) 29 219 601

(+216) 75 755 515

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