The grand tour of Tunisia



he grand tour of Tunisia is a circuit from north to south to discover the country, its landscapes and its riches. This tour will start in Tunis, the capital to discover its monuments and heritages.

It’s a journey through time between the Punics, the Romans, the Arab-Muslims arriving at the Bedouins who move in the desert of the great Erg Oriental!

During this multi-day circuit, you will dive deep into local life, you will eat with locals in a troglodyte house, you will discover Berber villages and you will spend a night in a tent under the stars in the desert!

Combine cultural visits with discovery, luxury with authenticity and make your tour in Tunisia an unforgettable experience!

About the grand tour of Tunisia

  • Duration : 10 days
  • Departure Time : 8:30 a.m 
  • Pick up : All around Tunisia (our team picks you up wherever you are in Tunisia)
  • Confirmation : immediate 
  • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type de transport : Air-conditioned tourist vehicle
  • This Tour is approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
  • Cancellation : See Terms and Conditions


  • Take advantage of a pick-up at your address where you are in Tunisia
  • Discover Tunisia from north to south!
  • Discover the most beautiful monuments and archaeological sites in Tunisia including those listed as World Heritage by UNESCO
  • Discover Kairouan, the holy city and visit its great mosque
  • Explore the ruins of Dougga and discover the Roman heritage in Tunisia
  • Visit Tozeur and hike in its mountain oases
  • Take a quad or camel ride through the dunes
  • Spend a night in a tent in the middle of the desert
  • Discover Tataouine, its ksours and its Berber villages and spend a night in a cottage
  • Discover the 3 existing deserts in Tunisia “the Chotts” the “Reg” and “the Erg”
  • Visit the island of Djerba and laze on the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Day 1: Welcome in Tunisia

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

Arrival, welcome at the airport by our representative and transfer to your hotel. Free day and possibility of free ride.

Accommodation: 4* hotel

Day 2: Discovery of Tunis

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

This day will be dedicated to visiting Tunis, its surroundings and its must-see sites! The tours for the day will be as follows:

– The medina of Tunis:

This medina, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represents the economic and religious heart of the city. Enjoy getting lost in the charm of its architecture, its labyrinthine streets and its most interesting monuments!

– The Bardo Museum:

The Bardo Museum is considered the richest in terms of the collection of Roman mosaics! Take the time to visit and admire its masterpieces which exceed 100! Admire Virgil and the two muses or the Ecclecia mater.

– The Archaeological site of Carthage:

This archaeological site sums up the power of the Roman Empire which was built on the Punic ruins… Visit the marvelous hill of Byrsa and learn more about the dwelling of Hannibal Barca, discover the Punic sanctuary and stroll through the thermal baths of Antonin! Take the time to visit the different components of this city with the explanations of your guide.

– The village of Sidi Bou Said:

Take the time to stroll through the alleys of Sidi Bou Said, this artistic village overlooking the bay of Tunis. Taste the marvelous Bambaloni with sugar and don’t miss a good tea at the café des délices. This café, with its beauty and the view it offers, inspired Patrick Bruel to attribute the success to his song!

Total route: 9 km/ 30 min.
​Accommodation: 4* hotel (Tunis)

Day 3: The ruins of Dougga

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

Leave Tunis and head north west of the country! Stop at Testour, this Andalusian city par excellence. Take the time to admire its architecture and visit the unique mosque! This mosque, has for particularity, its needles and its figures which turn to the envres! Taste a good cheese then continue towards Dougga. Take the time to taste a good wild boar before starting the discovery!

In the afternoon, take the time to visit the famous ruins of Dougga. This UNESCO heritage site is the most majestic archaeological site in Tunisia and the best preserved in the Maghreb. Its ruins are located on a hill, 600 m above sea level and spread over 25 ha, in a fertile area in northern Tunisia.

Visits : Testour – Dougga
​Accommodation : Hotel Thugga (Teboursouk)

Day 4: Kairouan the Holy City

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

After breakfast, head to Kairouan, the city, both Aghlabid and Arab-Muslim! Take the time to discover all its monuments! Visit the Aghlabid basins considered to be the most important hydraulic works in the history of the Muslim world. Then, take the time to discover the great mosque of Kairouan. This mosque was erected in 670, which corresponds to the year 50 of the Hegira, the Muslim calendar. It was built by the Arab conqueror Oqba Ibn Nafi.

Take the time to stroll through the alleys of its old medina, taste its succulent local pastry called “Les Makroudhs” and take the time to visit its unique carpet weaving workshops!

Visits : The Aghlabid basins – The great mosque – The medina of Kairouan

​Accommodation : Hotel Kasbah 5* or similar

Day 5: Tozeur and its old medina

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

After a good breakfast, head to the South of Tunisia! It is today that the landscapes begin to change, that the climate becomes more arid and that the atmosphere heats up! In lunch, you will have a good barbecue on the way.

On arrival, take the time to discover the old medina of Tozeur. Unique in its architecture and its narrow streets, this medina hides a history and a beauty that is worth at least an hour’s walk!

In the afternoon, explore nature… on foot or by horse-drawn carriage, discover its wonderful palm grove! Admire multi-storey agriculture, stroll between date palms and pomegranate trees and visit the typical brickyards of the region.

Visits : Gafsa – Tozeur

Accommodation : 4* hotel

Day 6: The mountain oases

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

During this day you will go on an adventure in the mountain oases of the region. Stop at Chebika and hike with a local guide between its ancient village and its water source that springs from the mountain. Continue to Tamerza and discover its great waterfall then to Mides to discover its great canyons before enjoying a good purely Tunisian lunch in the heart of a typical restaurant with locals.

The afternoon will be an adventure in the truest sense of the word. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to digest… In 4*4, you will cross the old Dakar Rally track through the famous Chott El Gharsa. Stop at the site of Ong Jmal, admire its landscapes, cross the large hills and conquer the sand dunes before landing at the village of Mos Espa, considered the largest Star Wars set site in Tunisia.

Take the time to watch the sunset over the dunes… Admire the sun setting behind the dunes then continue for a last photo break at the Nefta basket before returning to your hotel

Visits : Chebika – Tamerza – Mides – Ong Jmal – Mos Espa – Basket of Nefta
Accommodation : 4* hotel in Tozeur

Day 7: The hot spring and the night in a tent

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

Head even further south and discover more of the charm of the Tunisian desert. Cross Chott Djerid, the largest salt lake in North Africa to the city of Douz. On site, visit the local market, ride a quad or camel in the dunes and enjoy a good couscous.

Then attack the road and the stony tracks towards the oasis of Ksar Ghilane! With a little luck you will meet the Bedouins with their herds of dromedaries or a Fenec crossing the road at speed. On your arrival, take the time to bathe in the hot spring nestled in the heart of this oasis. Admire the greenery of the palm trees which embrace the ocher color of the dunes.

Continue to your camp, settle in a tent and do not miss the moment when the sun sets timidly on the horizon.

Before dinner, watch the making of the pain de sable, this crusty bread prepared under the embers!

Visits : Chott Djerid – Douz – Ksar Ghilane
Accommodation : Tented camp

Day 8: The Ksours and Berber villages

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

Try to wake up early and watch the sunrise then enjoy a good breakfast in front of the dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see! Then attack the slopes and go off the beaten track. Stop in the middle of nowhere whenever a landscape draws your eyes to Guermessa. Hike with your guide in this magnificent Berber village which dominates the mountain. Take the time to visit all the components…Visit the mosque, the attics and admire the panoramic view it offers.

Continue to Chenini, the Berber village still inhabited, which you will visit with a local guide before enjoying a good local lunch.

After the meal, still with your local guide, set off on a 4-hour trek to Douiret! Cross oases, olive groves and the mountain. Meet flocks of sheep, cross paths with shepherds and learn about herbs.

Arrival in Douiret, dinner and night in a cottage

Visits : Guermessa – Chenini – Douiret
Accommodation : Ksar Jouamaa

Day 9: Djerba, the island of dreams

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

Head to the island of Djerba crossing the famous salt lake of Chahbania. Cross the Roman road and head towards Guellela, the pottery village par excellence. Take the time to visit the traditional heritage museum and learn more about the traditions of Djerba. Visit a local pottery maker and watch a demonstration, then visit the oldest Jewish synagogue in North Africa.

In Djerba Hood, take the time to walk through its narrow streets and admire the works of art on the walls.

Head to your hotel and enjoy a good lunch and the rest of the day relaxing by the beach.

Visits : Chott Chahbania – Guellela – The Synagogue – Djerba Hood
Accommodation : 4* hotel in Djerba

Day 10: End of our Services

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

A free day on the island of dreams can be lived according to your choice… Or rest, laze by the beach and idleness or otherwise take advantage of the activities available on site and which you can discover HERE.

Accommodation: 4* hotel in Djerba

The grand tour of Tunisia in pictures

Circuit 4 Jours
Le grand Tour de Tunisie
Tataouine et les Ksours
Sidi Driss Matmata
Road Trip
mountain oases

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