Trekking with Camels in the Tunisian Desert

How to Prepare for an Unforgettable Experience

Preparing for Your Trek in Tunisia

Practical Tips for a Successful Trek

For a successful bivouac in the Tunisian desert, it is essential to have the right materials and equipment to protect yourself from the sun, heat, sand winds, and cool temperatures at night. Here is a list of materials and equipment you should consider for a successful bivouac in the Tunisian desert:

  • Tent : Choose a weather-resistant tent with good ventilation to protect yourself from the sun, heat, and sand winds.
  • Sleeping Bag : Opt for a lightweight and compressible sleeping bag that can withstand cool temperatures at night in the desert.
  • Ground Mat : Use a ground mat or mattress to isolate yourself from the hot and sandy ground for added comfort.
  • Stove and Fuel : Plan for a stove and fuel to cook food and heat water for drinking and cooking.
  • Water Bottles and Purifiers : Bring enough water for the entire duration of your desert bivouac and water purifiers to make desert water potable.
  • Light but Durable Clothing : Wear loose and lightweight clothing made of breathable fabrics to protect yourself from the sun and high daytime temperatures, and bring warm clothing for cooler nights. It’s also important to protect your head and face from the sun and sand by wearing a hat and sunglasses.
  • Hiking Boots : Use comfortable and durable hiking boots to traverse sand dunes and protect yourself from sharp stones and rocks.
  • Maps and Compass : Plan for maps and a compass to navigate the desert and avoid getting lost.
  • First Aid Kit : Prepare a first aid kit with basic medications, antiseptics, band-aids, and bandages to handle injuries and emergencies.
    By considering all these elements, you should be well-equipped for a successful bivouac in the Tunisian desert.
    Always try to contact the travel agency assisting you to know what else to bring or if the local travel agency provides part or all of the equipment.
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