Tozeur and the mountain oases trip

L’excursion Tozeur et les oasis de montagne est une expérience unique à la découverte d’une grande partie du sud Tunisien. Durant cette excursion vous visiterez Tozeur la villes des palmeraies, vous traverserez le chott Djerid, considéré comme le plus grand lac salé au nord d’Afrique et vous explorerez les oasis de montagnes.

Vous vous baladerez à Chebika pour admirer son oasis et sa chute d’eau qui jaillit du flanc de la montagne puis vous découvrirez la cascade de Tamerza et les grands canyons de Midès.

Vous traverserez l’ancienne piste de Rallye Dakar et vous découvrirez le village Mos Espa de Star Wars.

Vous aurez le possibilité de vous balader à dos de dromadaire en plein désert à Douz et vous visiterez une maison troglodyte chez l’habitant à Matmata

About Tozeur and the mountain oases trip

  • Duration : 2 days
  • Departure time : 6:00 am
  • Support : Island of Djerba and Zarzis (our team picks you up wherever you are)
  • Confirmation : immediate 
  • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type of transport : air-conditioned vehicle
  • Excursion approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
  • Cancellation : See Terms and conditions


  • Take advantage of pick-up at your address in Djerba or Zarzis
  • Visit a troglodyte house with locals in Matmata
  • Take a camel or quad ride in the Douz desert.
  • Cross Chott Djerid, the largest salt lake in North Africa.
  • Visit Tozeur, its old medina and its vast palm groves.
  • Visit the Berber village of Chebika and admire its waterfall.
  • Discover the great waterfall of Tamerza and the great canyons of Mides
  • Cross the old track of the Dakar Rally in a 4*4 and live a 100% adrenaline experience.
  • Conquer the sand dunes towards Ong Jmal and Mos Espa
  • Enjoy a good rosemary tea and admire the basket of Nefta
  • Visit a homestay cave house
  • Visit the Sidi Idriss Troglodyte Hotel and discover the Star Wars sets
  • Enjoy a panoramic view overlooking the Berber village of Toujane
  • Go on an excursion to Tozeur and its mountain oases.

Good to know

  • Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit and towel.
  • It is better to wear sneakers to walk in the sand
  • Tunisian cuisine is quite spicy, if you don’t eat spicy, please let us know.
  • If you have any food allergies, please let us know.
  • The camel ride in the dunes lasts 1 hour and costs around 10 euros per person
  • The quad ride takes about 40 minutes and costs about 30 euros per person.
  • Do not hesitate to take some pocket money if you want to buy some souvenirs (sand roses, a cheche or others) or give tips
  • Do not hesitate to leave a tip to the family you will visit in Matmata
  • The price of drinks on site is about 3 dinars per drink (about 1 euro)

Day 1

Le grand Tour de Tunisie

In the morning, our team will pick you up at your accommodation to take you on an excursion to discover Tozeur and its mountain oases. You will leave the island via the ferry (Ferry).

A first stop in a café will be the occasion for a presentation of the program by your guide, then you will continue towards the village of Matmata.

Arrival in Matmata, visit of a troglodyte house with a Berber family.

Continuation to Douz, visit of the souk and possibility of camel trekking through the sand dunes (optional and payable locally 10 euros per person).

Crossing the Chott El Djérid (large salt lake famous for its mirages and color effects) with a photo stop.

Then, continue to Tamerza where you will enjoy a good meal at the locals!

Take the time to visit the mountain aosis and discover Chebika and its waterfall, Tamerza and its large waterfall and Midès and its large canyons.

At the end of the afternoon, your driver will take you on a 100% adrenaline adventure. You will cross the old track of the Dakar Rally and the salt lake Chott El Gharsa to stop at the female site of Ong Jmal.

Conquer the great sand dunes to finally land in Mos Espa, the site considered to be the largest Star Wars setting in Tunisia. Take the time to discover, and above all, do not miss the sunset over the surrounding dunes.

The last visit of the day will be devoted to the basket of Nefta which you will admire around a good mint tea!

Return to the hotel, installation, dinner and night.

Day 2

Medina de Tozeur

In the morning, when you wake up, enjoy a good breakfast then set off to explore the old medina of Tozeur.

Unique with its architecture and its local bricks, take the time to visit and get lost in the labyrinthine alleys while listening to the explanations of your guide.

Head to Tamazret, a Berber village then to Matmata where you will have a homestay visit in a troglodyte house dug underground. Your host will be happy to serve you a good rosemary tea, accompanied by honey and olive oil.

Take the time to visit the house, admire its unique architecture, its simplicity and the modesty of its inhabitants!

Then, head to Sidi Idriss, the filming location of some scenes from the famous Star Wars Saga before taking time for lunch!

After the meal, head to Toujane, an ocher-coloured Berber village, nestled between two mountains. Admire the panoramic view, then visit the village up close. This village is famous for the manufacture of Berber carpets and honey!

Take the road back to the island of Djerba with your head full of good memories!

Tozeur and the mountain oases in pictures

Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
Tozeur et les oasis de montagne
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