1H30 Quad ride in Djerba

Enjoy a 1.5-hour quad ride in Djerba, away from the beaten paths, amidst olive trees, palm trees, and in the midst of local life.

The countryside of Djerba offers an exceptional opportunity for quad enthusiasts to engage in this sport, especially by taking a ride that allows them to discover the interior of the beautiful island, visit places and villages they couldn’t discover on their own, and also satisfy landscape enthusiasts.

Each quad rental club offers a different circuit, depending on its location. Part of the ride is along the seashore.

In Djerba, the quad remains a means of pleasure and discovery, not an opportunity to showcase driving skills.

  • The helmet is the most important protective equipment for safe riding. A helmet prevents serious injuries.
  • Respect traffic rules and give priority to pedestrians, animals, and bicycles.
  • Respect natural spaces.

To fully enjoy this 1.5-hour quad ride in Djerba, it is best to choose organized group outings, especially with one or two experienced guides who can ensure the smooth running of the visit in terms of organization and safety, and also for you to make the most of this ride.

Quad rental centers are located not far from hotels, along the entire tourist area. Rental rates vary depending on the type and power of the quads offered for rent.

Depart Travel Services has selected for you the most reputable and serious partner agencies to offer you a very beautiful circuit:

During your 1.5-hour quad ride in Djerba, you will discover the charms of the island of Djerba with its mosques, palm trees, and olive fields. You will meet the locals and animals: sheep, goats, horses, and camels.

About the 1.5-hour Quad Ride

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Departure times: 9 am – 11 am – 2 pm – 4 pm – 6 pm
  • Pickup: Djerba (our team picks you up where you are)
  • Confirmation: immediate
  • Guide: Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Transport type: Quad 250
  • Round-trip transfers provided by our team
  • Cancellation: See our terms and conditions


  • Enjoy pickup at your address in Djerba.
  • Experience adrenaline during a 1.5-hour quad ride in Djerba on a Quad 250.
  • Ride along the beach and through the countryside landscapes of Djerba on a quad!
  • Stay in the hands of a professional guide.

Good to Know

  • No need for a license to drive a quad in Djerba.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is strictly forbidden to overtake other quads during the quad ride in Djerba: you must stay on the line and behind the guide.
  • If you arrive in July or August, it is advisable to book the first or last tour of the day to avoid the intense heat.
  • Don’t forget your sunscreen!


A quad ride in Djerba consists mainly of two parts. From the quad center, you will first explore the lands, stroll among olive trees and palm trees to discover the true wild face of the island. You will encounter sheep and goats, perhaps even camels, and you will meet the locals… the second part of the quad ride will be along the sea, on the beach, to enjoy a superb view and, if you have time, even a swim.

The 1.5-hour Quad Ride in pictures

1H30 de randonnée en Quad
1H30 de randonnée en Quad
Randonnée en Quad à Djerba
Randonnée Quad 1H30
1H30 de randonnée en Quad
3 Heures de Quad à Djerba
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