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About Us: Unraveling the World’s Wonders, One Tailored Experience at a Time

At Départ Travel Services, we believe that every journey should be an extraordinary one. As passionate explorers, we take pride in curating tailor-made and multi-day tours that promise unforgettable experiences. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, our mission is to unveil the hidden treasures of Tunisia and beyond, leaving you with memories to cherish forever.

balade à dos de dromadaire à Djerba
tataouine chenini trip


tataouine chenini trip


tataouine chenini trip

MultiDay Tours

tataouine chenini trip

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road trip en tunisie - de tunis a djerba

Sightseeing TOURS

tataouine chenini trip

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Caravan tour djerba


Randonnée en jet ski à Djerba

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Meet us at WTM 2023 : Unleashing the Magic of Travel

Are you ready to embark on an enchanting voyage through Tunisia’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage? Meet us at the World Travel Market 2023 in London, where we’ll be showcasing the essence of our beloved country like never before. Discover firsthand why Tunisia is a rising star in the world of travel, and immerse yourself in the warmth of our hospitality.

Exclusive Offers and Unmissable Deals

WTM 2023 brings a wave of exclusive offers and unmissable deals just for you! Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or a curious traveler seeking new adventures, our stand is the place to be. Enjoy exciting discounts on bespoke itineraries, personalized services, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Don’t miss out on the chance to ignite your wanderlust with unbeatable offers!

Unlocking the Secrets of Tunisia: Experience the Unexplored

From the captivating beauty of the Mediterranean coastline to the golden Sahara dunes, Tunisia is a treasure trove of unforgettable moments. Join us at WTM 2023 to explore our collection of handcrafted journeys that cater to all your travel desires. Unlock the secrets of Tunisia’s ancient ruins, indulge in sumptuous culinary delights, and engage with the warmth of local culture. Let us be your guide on an immersive adventure like no other.

road trip en tunisie au désert
Agence de voyages à Djerba

Connect, Collaborate, and Create Memories

Beyond showcasing our exceptional offerings, we’re eager to connect and collaborate with fellow travel enthusiasts, industry partners, and professionals at WTM 2023. Let’s join hands to create memorable travel experiences for globetrotters from around the world. Together, we’ll forge lasting relationships and embark on an exciting journey of growth and exploration.

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TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice

Depart Travel Service is proud to be awarded the prestigious TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023. 

IPD Certification in Process

Currently undergoing the process to become IPD certified, showcasing our dedication to sustainable tourism practices

Travelife Certification in Process

Our efforts are aimed at promoting responsible travel and ensuring that our guests have a positive impact on the environment and local communities during their journeys

Ksar Jouamaa Owners

Depart Travel Service proudly owns a charming 17th-century Berber cottage, lovingly restored and now used as a delightful guesthouse

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