Why choose Depart Travel Services ?

Depart Travel Services is aware that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy, and that each client has different expectations. That’s why we customize our offers to make your stay a unique experience.

  • Customized tours, away from the crowd and off the beaten path..
  • Flexible days and programs for excursions…
  • Suitable outings for both small and large groups
  • Attentive and caring accompaniment team of professionals
  • Cultural tours, including visits of archaeological sites, and desert trips..
  • Seminars and trips for team building ….
  • Personalized suggestions and 24/24 hours assistance.

Depart Travel Services offers not only a departure in Tunisia, but also a journey of discovery for the new sites and the most beautiful secret corners of the country. A real departure for resilience, adventure and culture. A stunning scenery of the sea, the mountains and the desert.


We are punctual just because we believe that time is precious.


We are always available and reachable. You may disturb us any time!


We intervene with unexpected incidents quickly and efficiently.


We never ignore customers’ comments. We are all ears and very speed

Our Services

Hotel Booking around Tunisia with Depart Travel Services

Hotel Booking

Take advantage of our price comparators and book your hotels at the best rates in Tunisia.

Private transfers around Tunisia with Depart Travel Services

Private transfers

Book your private transfers in Tunisia and take advantage of the best rates

Holiday rents in Djerba and around Tunisia with Depart Travel Services

Holiday rents

if you prefer to be far from hotel complexes, book your vacation rentals in Tunisia here

Desert excursions with Depart Travel Services

Desert excursion in Tunisia

Explore the desert, walk on the dunes and ride on camels

Tailor-made tours with Depart Travel Services

Tailor-made tours

Customize your tour and co-create your tailor-made tour in Tunisia

Enjoy dozens of activities in Djerba  with Depart Travel Services

Activities in Tunisia

Book the best activities in Djerba and Tunisia and take advantage of the best rates

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