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Vacation rentals in Tunisia

Vacation rental in Tunisia (bungalows, villas with swimming pool, studios, houchs, etc.) is now the choice of the majority of people looking for more privacy and want to be closer to local life.

And as AirBnb is still the world leader in vacation rentals, we have decided to use their service to offer you both the best seasonal vacation rentals in Tunisia and, above all, a quality of service and a unique selection for all tastes.

If you follow the links we have provided, you will not have to pay any additional fees.

We receive a commission that Airbnb pays for the traffic we recommend

We hope you find what you are looking for! If you need any help or advice, please email us.

Vacation rentals in Djerba

Sea view villa with private pool

Sea view villa with private pool

200 m from the sea, this magnificent villa with typical architecture and European comfort will welcome you to spend a pleasant holiday and recharge your batteries.

House by the sea in Djerba

Vacation rental in Tunisia: House by the sea in Djerba

In the north-west side of the island of Djerba, the most beautiful corner of the island, on the airport road, (4km from Ajim town and 15 km from the airport)

Amazing Djerbian Traditional Houch

Vacation rental in Tunisia: Amazing Djerbian Traditional Houch

To spend a wonderful holiday in peace, we offer you this beautiful Djerbian Houch just for you.