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The caravan: Go on horseback and return by camel

Description of the Caravan 

Book your caravan tour experience and enjoy, at the same time,  the ride of a horse and a camel ! Get away from the hotels, from the crowd and embrace the wild nature of the island of Djerba … Discover the sandy tracks on camel back, admire the landscapes for 2 hours at the rhythm of your camel friend and watch a sunset unique sun !

It is an organized, collective ride, with a guide, in a horse-drawn carriage, on horseback and by camel to discover the wild nature of Djerba.

About the caravan 

  • Duration : 2H 
  • Departure time: 9h – 11h – 14h -16h – 18h 
  • Support : Djerba (our team picks you up where you are)
  • Confirmation : immédiate 
  • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type of transport : ddromedary or horse (your choice)
  • Round trip transfers provided by our team
  • Cancellation : free up to 48 hours before the date of the excursion

Highlights :

  • Take advantage of picking you up at your address anywhere in Djerba.
  • Discover the island of Djerba to the cadenced rhythm on the back of a camel or on horseback! !
  • Stroll by the beach
  • Explore the lands of Djerba far from the hotel complexes..
  • Stay in the good hands of a professional guide

Full description :

Our team will take care of your pick-up at your hotel and your transfer to the Ranch, the starting point for our camel treks. Enjoy the landscapes and the encounter with nature during the journey across the tracks to , finally, join the wonderful lagoon. On arrival, the sun will start to timidly set in the horizon and will offer you a unique moment to live in full awareness!

At the end of the ride and on the return to the ranch, our driver will be there to check your return to the hotel.

Such a camel ride could not end without enjoying the most magical moment of the day in Djerba, the sunset which is one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Good to know :


  • Children – 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult
  • If you arrive in July and August it is better to book the first ride of the day or the last to avoid the heat.
  • Do not forget to put your sunscreen.