Tataouine Chenini desert trip : Visit of the Ksours

  • excursion tataouine-chenini 1 journée
    Découvrez la mosquée des 7 dormants à Chenini
  • excursion de djerba tataouine-chenini
    Pause photos au lac salé de Chahbania
  • excursion tataouine chenini
    Baladez vous au marché local de Tataouine
  • Darkvador à Ksar Hadada - Tataouine
  • one day tour from djerba to tataouine chenini
    Ksar Hadada Tataouine - Lieu de tournage de Star Wars
  • Excursion tataouine-chenini au départ de Djerba
    Ksar Hadada Tataouine - Star wars shooting location
  • excursion tataouine chenini au départ de Djerba
    Ksar Hadada Tataouine - Star wars shooting location
  • excursion 1 journée de djerba à Tataouine
    Visitez Ksar Hadada Tataouine - Star wars shooting location
  • Découvrez les Ksours du sud Tunisien
  • excursion star wars tataouine
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  • excursion désert tataouine de djerba
    Dégustez un bon repas au restaurant local de Guermessa
  • from djerba to tataouine trip
    Explorez les villages berbères de Tataouine
  • from djerba to tataouine 1 day tour
    Découvrez Chenini le village berbère le mieux conservé
  • excursion tataouine-chenini 1 journée
    Dégustez aux délices Tunisiens
  • excursion de djerba vers tataouine
    Randonnez avec un guide local
  • excursion de Djerba à Tataouine
    Visitez la mosquée de Chenini
  • excursion tataouine-chenini au départ de Djerba
    Discover and book best experiences in Tunisia Book trips tours and attractions online and for the best rates
  • tataouine 1 day tour from djerba
    Découvrez les maisons troglodytes incrustés dans la montagne
  • Plongez profond dans la vie locale
  • tataouine-chenini 1 day trip
    Profitez des meilleurs tarifs en ligne
  • excursion Tataouine chenini au départ de Djerba
    Ecoutez attentivement à votre guide et apprenez plus sur la Tunisie !

Description of the trip :

Tataouine chenini desert trip is a trip back in time to the land of the Berbers, caravans and ksours on this guided tour of the fascinating city of Tataouine. During this day trip, visit historic and iconic sites in the area.


About the trip :

  • Duration : 1 day
  • Departure time : 6h30 am
  • Support : Djerba and Zarzis (our team picks you up where you are)
  • Confirmation : immediate 
  • Guide : Arabic – French – English – German – Italian
  • Type de transport : Air-conditioned 4 * 4
  • Excursion approved by the Tunisian Tourist Office
  • Cancellation: free up to 48 hours before the date of the trip

Highlights :

  • Discover the salt lake of Chahbania.
  • Stroll and bargain in the Tataouine market.
  • Explore the Berber village of Chenini with a local guide.
  • Discover one of the locations of Star Wars.

Full description :

Benefit from a morning pick-up at your accommodation by a friendly driver. After a short presentation, set off to explore the wonders of southern Tunisia.
Begin your journey leaving the island of Djerba, take an ancient Roman road and take wonderful vacation photos of Chahbania along the way. Continue to Tataouine, the city that gave the planet Tatooine its name in the Star Wars saga, and enjoy some free time to wander the market and practice trading with the merchants.
Then continue your road towards the Berber village of Chenini which offers a view on the mountain and stay there approximately 1 hour with your local guide. This guide will be happy to introduce you to the various buildings that make up the village, such as the oil mill, the mosque, the houses dug in the mountains, and much more.
Then enjoy a delicious local meal. Then go to Ksar Hadada, where some scenes from the movie “Star Wars, episode I: The Phantom Menace” were filmed.
To end your wonderful day, return to Djerba in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Good to know :

  • Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit and towel.
  • It’s best to wear sneakers to walk in the sand
  • Tunisian cuisine is quite spicy, if you don’t eat spicy please let us know.
  • If you have food allergies please let us know
  • Do not hesitate to take pocket money if you want to buy some souvenirs (sand roses, a cheche or others) or give tips
  • The price of drinks on site and about 3 dinars a drink (about 1 euro)