Cooking class and lunch with locals

Cooking class in Djerba

 Program of the cooking class in Djerba :

Book your cooking class in Djerba and learn how to cook an authentic Tunisian couscous with the help of a local. Buy the perfect ingredients at the local souk, discover the secrets of the region’s herbs and spices, then taste the fruits of your labor, a delicious meal.


Full description of the cooking lesson:

Get ready for an incredible cooking experience during this unique cooking lesson in Djerba. From the market to your plate, learn how to prepare a salad, a brik and a couscous made with fresh ingredients bought in one of the most famous souks in the city. After picking up from your hotel, the adventure begins with a walk around the market among the lively displays of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices. You will learn how these spices have been used in the history of Tunisian cuisine and how to use each spice to make a perfect dish.

During your cooking class in Djerba, you will learn, from your host, to create the best traditional dishes of Tunisian cuisine and to enrich your knowledge of spices and ingredients while making an authentic dish. The most famous Tunisian dishes are the méchouia salad, the ojja and of course the couscous. The best moment of the tour will be the moment when you finally feast on your own masterpiece.

Savor the fruits of your labor for lunch in an authentic local setting before being comfortably brought back to your hotel with the knowledge of Tunisian recipes that will last a lifetime.