Arabic Midnight : Wild Bivouac Experience

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The Arabic midnight tour is a local experience par excellence! This two-day, one-night excursion is for those who want to get away from tourist life and embrace local life in the truest sense of the word! During these two days you will visit a Berber family in their troglodyte house. You will discover these houses and you will enjoy a good tea with rosemary! You will visit a local market and spend the night in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert! This is not a tourist camp and there are no other tourists! no restaurant or sanitary block but only a Bedouin experience in the middle of the desert! You will help to look for wood to light the fires, you will help prepare dinner over a wood fire and you will spend the night under the stars with the Bedouins.

About the Arabic midnight Tour :

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Start time: 6:30 a.m. 
  • Support: Djerba – Zarzis – Tataouine and Gabès (our team picks you up where you are)
  • Confirmation: Immediate 
  • Guide: Arabic – French – English – German – Italian 
  • Type of transport: Air-conditioned tourist vehicle 
  • Excursion approved by the Tunisian Tourist Board 
  • Cancellation: free until 48 hours before the tour date

Highlights :

  • Enjoy support from your address in Djerba or Zarzis
  • Enjoy a local experience and go off the beaten track
  • Leave the island of Djerba via the ferry and return via the Roman roadway to discover the 2 entrances to the island.
  •  Enjoy a camel ride of about 2 hours in the dunes of the sahara.
  • Help to look for wood, light the fire and prepare dinner over a wood fire.
  • Watch the sunset in a unique setting in the middle of the desert
  • Spend a night under the stars in a Bedouin tent
  • Enjoy a Bedouin evening with camels
  • Eat organic and enjoy a wood-fired dinner
  • Sit a demonstration of sand bread preparation (bread cooked under embers)
  • Visit the local douz market
  • Visit a Berber family in a cave house and learn more about the Berber tribes
  • Explore the Sidi Idriss Hotel and the World of Star Wars
  • Discover the Berber village of Toujane nestled between two mountains

Full description :

Day 1:

Departure for the city of Matmata by ferry, a crossing of about 20 minutes.

Arrival in Matmata and visit a troglodyte house at the home of the inhabitant (We will be greeted by a good tea with Rosemary, olive oil and honey) and we will have time to visit the different rooms and discover the characteristics of these houses dug underground.

Continue to Douz the desert gate and free time to visit the market and then enjoy a good lunch.

After the meal we will head to the sandy village of Sabria, considered the most important desert gate and the starting point of the largest number of camel hikes. 

On arrival, you will leave the 4/4 to ride on a camel for a duration of about 2 hours to the camp point where the bedouine tent would already be installed.

Help the camels look for the wood and light the campfire, prepare dinner and learn how to prepare the sand bread (bread prepared under the embers). Experience these unique moments of Berber life but don’t forget to enjoy this magical view and the unique moment when the sun sets shyly behind the sand dunes!

In the evening, after dinner, you will spend the evening listening to them sing Bedouin music and you will dance under a starry sky.

Night in a tent under the stars

Day 2:

After breakfast, we take time off from the camels and climb into the 4×4. Departure to Douz and possibility of quad bike ride in the sand dunes (extra). Continue to the city of Matmata and visit the sets of the movie Star Wars.

Lunch in a typical restaurant under the ground.

After the meal we will go to visit the famous Berber village of Toujane or you will enjoy a hike of about 1 hour with a local guide. Visit the village, discover its houses and learn more about the 1969 flooding. Discover the oil and water point, then return to Djerba by the Roman roadway.

At this time, it would be noon, so it’s time to eat… Djerbienne! Your guide will accompany you to the fish market in Houmt Souk. The place where you will be introduced to a rare method of fish belly either “at the cry” or at auction! Visit and your guide will take care of you choosing the fish of the day. Then, in the restaurant next door, the Mr will take care of grilling you and serving it to you at the table accompanied by a good Tunisian salad and fries.

Once your stomach is full, it’s time to digest a little! Then follow your guide for a walk through the alleys of Houmt Souk. Discover with him the ancient caravanserai also called “Fondouks” and learn more about caravanners! Discover the spice market and the covered souk or you’ll find everything you need for your shopping and gifts!

At the end of the day, head to Djerba Explore and take the time to visit these 3 modules! Start with the Lella Hadhria Museum, the Heritage and Property module of the crocodile park!

Once the tour is over, our team will accompany you to your hotel and it will be the end of your services hoping to see you again for more discoveries.

Good to know :

  •  No toilets on site during the night of the day plan your toilet pouch.
  • For the camel ride it is best to wear trousers
  • For walking in the desert it is best to provide walking shoes.
  • Please let us know if you have any food allergy.
  • During the winter, the nights are cold, plan warm clothes.
  • The tent, mattresses and blankets are provided by our agency.
  • After the visit to the home we leave a tip to the family, do not hesitate to take a pocket money.